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I look at you and see DIVINITY
in your eyes...

We come together in Circle.

We come together from near and far.

We are the embodiment of Divine Shakti.


The flow of Divinity runs in our bodies, in our veins.

The beat of wild wisdom is in our blood.

Our heart beats are the drums of love. 


Feminine Magic

will heal the world

with love, compassion, and tenacity

fierce commitment to truth in each moment.

Oracles and symboligist,

we touch the etherical and birth it onto the earth.

Our combined, collected LOVE

will cover the earth.

We are Divine Shakti Circle.

We are Love.

Our days are the Rituals of Living.
Our heartbeats the Rythmn of Divinity.

We are One.

We are Divine Shakti.


~leslie indigo


You are the Universe

discovering your Divinity in

human form 

You are the Wilderness


running wild and FREE

woman running with wolves.jpg
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