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You are Invited to Shakti Circle

This is your opportunity
to set aside time each week for your own individual practice
and join others in a weekly circle.

This online series is offered seasonally four times a year inn synch with the shifts in nature.

Each series is 6 weeks long and offers

* weekly themes of exploration

* an online circle to gather with small group



nhas both weekly prompts of personal exploration and time together in a small circle.


Are you Ready to Explore
the Ritual & Rhythm of Your Life?

This circle is an opportunity to gather together and deepen our connection to our innate shakti/goddess/feminine/omega/queen archetype.   Themes of exploration build weekly to create a progressive deep dive.    We use meditative practices, storytelling, and daily practice throughout this 6 week series.  

Rapid Expansion #onrepeat _#lifeisbeauti

You are invited to Divine Shakti Circle

This is Sacred Space for you to join others in intentional connection
and deepen your own life practice.

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