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Evening Tea Ceremony

Our Divine Shakti Circles will be held one night a week, but the ritual of the Evening Tea Ceremony will be here for you any time you need to connect to the ENERGY of this powerful collective of souls.

Many of us live busy, sometimes hectic lives, and are bombarded by the pressures of hurried energies.   If you live in the city,  there are concrete sidewalks beneath your feet rather than the dirt of the earth.  Everywhere we turn there are potential experiences of chaos... so where will we find our CALM?

How will we find our center and congruency?
How do we connect to Gaia and the grounding energies of the Earth during these times?

When we drink  TEA with a Sacred Reverance, we not only sip the sweet elixir ...we connect to the dirt that held the roots of the plant which made our tea leaves and petals. 


This is a Sacred  Dance with Mother Nature.

This is a Sacred Dance with your Soul.



Image by Jacek Raniowski
Image by chuttersnap

Sit and Steep in the Energies


Soak your soul in this moment....

Our lives are built around the structure of rituals and rythmns.  We rise everyday like the sun and our energy builds with the heat of the fire in the sky. 

In the evening  the lunar light glides across the starry sky and becons us to soften our bodies and tap into the quiet places within us and in the field around our bodies.  

The subtle field of energy around us is always humming with mystical wisdom....

Will we take the time to B R E A T H E it in?


What might OPEN UP for us  if we let the art of a tea ceremony be the portal to our deeper wisdom?


This is your INVITATION to art of tea ceremony.



will be shared with you the week before our first circle.

Image by Mike Kenneally

This is your moment to B r e a t h e ....

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